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PLANC, the Pre-Law Advisors National Council, unites leaders from six regional pre-law advisors associations (APLAs) and partner organizations. We work together to advance the pre-law advising profession and improve pre-law services for students. 


2 Months

to geaux!

PLANC 2024, the first national pre-law advising conference since 2016, is June 10-13, 2024.  Check out the QUADRENNIAL CONFERENCE pages for highlights and other information.  Once you've registered be sure to download the Whova App to get all the conference details!

Two exciting opportunities available to all

Pre-Law Advisors


The deadline for the PLANC Emerging Leader Award as been extended until April 29, 2024.  Let’s honor the hard-working Pre-Law advisors who are within the first 7 years of their career!

Apply here  


The PLANC board is also seeking nominations for the Communication Coordinator role. The Communications Coordinator is a member of the PLANC board and is a 2-year term. Consider nominating yourself!

Apply here! The deadline is also April 29, 2024.

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