Please see below for a detailed description of the program tracks for the 2016 Conference. Examples given below are only intended as examples and are not meant to be exhaustive in their coverage of potential topics for each track. Proposals are other topics are encouraged as long as they align with the main idea of the program track.

  • “The Real World” - Experiential Learning
    This track will showcase efforts to create opportunities for direct exposure to or experience in the field of law for those preparing to attend law school. Potential session topics could include internship programs, partnerships with local attorneys, law school collaborations with their undergraduate community, etc.

  • “A Different World” – Social Media & Technology
    This track will focus on the use of technology and social media applications to enhance advising work with applicants or recruiting efforts by law schools. Attention will also be given to the potential drawbacks of technology/social media use by advisors, schools, or applicants. Potential session topics could include using social media as an advising tool, blogging, online professionalism, etc.

  • “Growing Pains” – Career Trends/Legal Job Market/Changing Legal Landscape
    This track will focus on highlighting trends in the field of law with regard to changes in the legal job market, legal education, or the profession as a whole. Potential session topics could include new program aimed at helping students make career decisions, changes in admissions practices or student services to better support law school students, curriculum changes at the undergraduate or law school level to address new demands of the profession, etc.

  • “The Price is Right” – Financial Aid
    This track will focus on all issues related to financial aid matters. Examples of session topics could include understanding financial aid programs and options, merit vs. need-based aid, scholarship negotiations, managing debt loads, etc.

  • “Diff’rent Strokes” – Diversity, Inclusion, & Non-Traditional Pathways
    This track will focus on issues related to diversifying the profession, both in terms of those entering the field and how the JD degree is being used after law school.  Examples of potential topics could include pipeline initiatives by undergraduate institutions or law schools, working with applicants with disabilities, career pathways outside of traditional legal practice, less popular practice areas within the law, etc.

  • “What’s Happening” – Hot Topics (Submission & selection to be conducted in late 2015 and early 2016)
    This track will be focused on the most pressing issues of the day as we near the June 2016 meeting. Potential topics could range widely and do not have to be aligned with the tracks described above. Examples might include, but not be limited to, issues regarding bar passage rates and practical requirements for practice, court cases or legal challenges facing law school admissions or the legal world in general, advising-specific issues, such as the proliferation of commercial pre-law advisors, etc. To ensure that the topics will be most timely for the conference, the selection process for these sessions will be conducted in the late fall of 2015 and early months of 2016.
  • Poster Session
    For the first time ever, the 2016 conference will include a poster session, which will have a designated time in the conference schedule. The poster session will be an additional opportunity for conference participants to present their ideas and work to their colleagues apart from the conference breakout sessions. While general session topics will be geared toward the program tracks listed above, posters may be focused on any topic related to pre-law advising and law school admissions. This expanded focus will allow for increased idea-sharing and collaboration at the conference. Each selected poster will have a dedicated board reserved for their poster information, which will be located in the Conference Exhibit Hall throughout the meeting. There will be a dedicated time in the conference schedule for all conference attendees to visit the posters and interact with poster presenters.